What Is The Difference Between Spirituality And Religion?

People often misunderstand the concept of religion and spirituality. Some think of it as the same, while some think of it differently. But they are not.  One thing that you can obviously see the difference between religion and spirituality is that religion focuses more on the teachings and the practices while spirituality focuses more on the beliefs.

Religion can more be identified as something that is done in a group setting. It is more effective and visible during communal practice, an application and interpretation of the belief and the worship. You can see religion more in different churches, as churches do have different structures within them, some have a leadership structure within them, just like most of the Christian churches now.

Spirituality deals more with the personal aspect of the soul and the spirit. In spirituality, you understand and talk more about things deeply. Because spirituality has no rules, it is based on you and who you worship. Spirituality is all about you having all the experience, just like everyone else experiencing different illuminations and revelations.

religion and spirituality

Religion makes you follow rules and regulations, while in spirituality, you are as free as a bird. They show you situations and will give you the different consequences that will happen if you will not follow. Which is totally opposite from spirituality, as spirituality will be done by yourself only.

It will tell you and will teach you on how to be brave, on you will act not on fear, but will act on love. Spirituality will show you how to control the fear around you, while religion will keep on showing you fear.

One thing that really separated religion and spirituality above everything else is that religion will make you be separated from other religions. Because of it showing you the different dos and don’ts. Aside from that, it will make you dependent on something or someone else and will not teach you to be alone.

Spirituality unites all those separations that are caused by religion. Since spirituality will show you the truth, and not make you believe the truth, people will discover soon enough that there is only one truth. And that is how spirituality will unite all.

However, do not let these confuse you. If you truly believe in something or someone that is right, then do so. Respect other religions and beliefs. Learn more about spirituality so that you will not have misconceptions regarding this topic.

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