How Important Is Deliverance In Christianity?


deliverance castChristians believe that deliverance is being freed from spiritual barriers and bondages. There are anointed members of the church that are usually in charge of deliverance in churches.

Christians believe deliverance to be an important process in Christianity that sanitizes your spiritual life and believes. In this article, we are going to look at some of the reasons why deliverance is of much importance to Christians.

Deliverance is Seen to be an Essential Process in Christianity

This is done to ensure that Christians are completely free from satanic bonds that allow Christians to commit evils. The demonic bonds are said to hold the Christians back from doing what is right before God. The devil is known to dwell among Christians and without deliverance, Christians can be led astray by the devil.

According to Christians, the devil torments the undelivered Christians. However, after deliverance, these strong bonds are destroyed and the Christians are set free.

Deliverance Helps to Rebuild Your Relationship with God

Deliverance helps in rebuilding of the inner soul with the word of God. It brings Christians close to God by removing the evil barriers that often widen the distance between them and God. By accepting deliverance, the inner soul is rebuild in such a way that one cannot fall to the temptation of committing evil. Deliverance ensures that the Christians faith in God is strong enough to withstand any evil attempts on their lives.

Deliverance Helps Christian Uproot Evil Seeds

According to Christian’s beliefs, deliverance is the only way that can help Christians uproot the evil seed planted by the devil. Evils such as stealing, fornication, and killing among other vices can be eradicated if one accepts deliverance and have a new life. In other words, deliverance gives Christians a new bill of life.

Deliverance Gives Christians Sense of Belonging in Church

Deliverance helps Christians feel that they belong to the church since they have something in common with all the other church members. By accepting deliverance, Christians are able to be identified as one mass that is moving towards the same direction in search and passing of the word of God. Delivered Christians have a common goal and as such they share the joy of being one.

Deliverance is a Sure Way to Get to Heaven

Most Christians believed that there is life after death. In fact, the common goal of Christianity is to live a holy life that will guarantee you a second chance in life after death. It is through deliverance that this kind of life may be achieved. A delivered Christian walks away from evil and as such at the time of his or her death, he or she would have lived a holy life in accordance to the Bible’s teaching.

Christians too believe that there is heaven only for those who believed in the words of God and accepted deliverance. By accepting deliverance, all your sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus and you are bound to live a holistic life free from sin and in the end when you die, you will be able to receive the kingdom of God and live a happy thereafter.

In conclusion, deliverance is an important aspect in every Christian who believes in God and is looking forward to inherit the kingdom of god. Through deliverance, Christians are bon again and start a new life free from sin and evil deeds that may hinder entrance into the kingdom of God. Believe in God today, accept deliverance and experience the change in your life.

What Is The Difference Between Spirituality And Religion?


People often misunderstand the concept of religion and spirituality. Some think of it as the same, while some think of it differently. But they are not.  One thing that you can obviously see the difference between religion and spirituality is that religion focuses more on the teachings and the practices while spirituality focuses more on the beliefs.

Religion can more be identified as something that is done in a group setting. It is more effective and visible during communal practice, an application and interpretation of the belief and the worship. You can see religion more in different churches, as churches do have different structures within them, some have a leadership structure within them, just like most of the Christian churches now.

Spirituality deals more with the personal aspect of the soul and the spirit. In spirituality, you understand and talk more about things deeply. Because spirituality has no rules, it is based on you and who you worship. Spirituality is all about you having all the experience, just like everyone else experiencing different illuminations and revelations.

religion and spirituality

Religion makes you follow rules and regulations, while in spirituality, you are as free as a bird. They show you situations and will give you the different consequences that will happen if you will not follow. Which is totally opposite from spirituality, as spirituality will be done by yourself only.

It will tell you and will teach you on how to be brave, on you will act not on fear, but will act on love. Spirituality will show you how to control the fear around you, while religion will keep on showing you fear.

One thing that really separated religion and spirituality above everything else is that religion will make you be separated from other religions. Because of it showing you the different dos and don’ts. Aside from that, it will make you dependent on something or someone else and will not teach you to be alone.

Spirituality unites all those separations that are caused by religion. Since spirituality will show you the truth, and not make you believe the truth, people will discover soon enough that there is only one truth. And that is how spirituality will unite all.

However, do not let these confuse you. If you truly believe in something or someone that is right, then do so. Respect other religions and beliefs. Learn more about spirituality so that you will not have misconceptions regarding this topic.

Why most people are interested in Religion

Whether you consider yourself a religious person or not, or whether you think religion has played a constructive or undesirable role in history, it is an incontrovertible fact that from the creation of humankind, humans have engaged in actions that we now call religion, such as prayer, worship, and rituals marking essential life passages.

Moreover, religions have always probed essential questions, such as: What is the real connotation of life? What transpires to us after death? How do we elucidate human travail and injustices?

All these questions bring us to the reason why people are interested in religion.

Love for religion

Human Understanding.

The answer to different religious backgrounds gives rise to these essential questions that are many and varied and often contradictory. But the questions themselves are ones with which humans throughout time have grappled, and probably will continue to grapple with into the indefinite future. Thus, one of the first reasons why most people deepen their understanding of others and ourselves through religion.

Cultural Influence

People also engage in religion to learn more about how different aspects of human life, science, politics, economics, literature, art, and law. These factors have been and continue to be molded by changing religious philosophies of, for example, good and evil, images of the deity and the divine, salvation and punishment, etc.

By learning and understanding different religious doctrines, stories, rituals, and scriptures, we can also come to appreciate how diverse communities of believers—past and present, East and West—have used their religious traditions to shape, sustain, and transform themselves.

To better engage the global society.

The Universe is linked like never before. Many relations succeed or fail on the basis of our understanding of each other. For example, the failure of the U.S. government to understand the religious dimensions of conflicts in Southeast Asia or Iran helps clarify many of their faults in judgment in current decades.

Broad Opportunity

So, what can you do with a major or minor in Religious Studies? The learning of religion aids you to learn how to think disparagingly, listen empathetically, speak thoughtfully, and write clearly—all skills that will be of great importance no matter where and what you choose to do in life.

It will also help you to better live and work in the increasingly diverse society and global world. Scholars of religion go on to careers in a wide variety of fields including great Opportunity.

The reasons why people are interested in religion could be endless, but the above best describes why humankind has lean much towards religion.

Importance of Spiritually Strong Family in The Society

Spirituality means different things to different people. To some families, spirituality is about having a deep and unwavering faith in God, and being a part of an organized religion.

To others, it’s more about morality, having faith in humanity and being in unity with all living things.  There are others who believe in prayer, reading the bible and meditation to be a major part of spirituality.

On the other hand, there are families keen on developing good virtues such as kindness, honesty and integrity.

Spiritually inclined FamilySpirituality may mean different things to different people, but it’s all about believing in the greater good. It’s the experience of knowing your true self which allows you to gain consciousness and know your purpose and existence. Did you know that most strong families have a religious basis?

Their spirituality drives them into building strong and healthy families. It is their positive behavior that is transferred to other generations, which in turn builds a strong society. So what is the importance of a spiritually strong family in the society we live today?


This basically means having the ability to differentiate between good or bad, right or wrong. A spiritually strong family helps cultivate good morals in the society. Reason being, parents are the primary figures during ones childhood. They are the primary social contacts we have the moment we are born, and they influence our upbringing.

Children are taught the moral principles to live by, which facilitates their development all through to adulthood. They are the ones who make up the society. And when a given society is generally made up of people with good morals, it thrives because people avoid wrong doing. As a result, there are fewer incidences of crime, racism, corruption among other vices.

 Enhances Quality Of Life

Different spiritual activities such as being part of a mediation group or attending church are good sources of social support.  When families meet to fellowship together, they bond over time and support each other during a crisis. This provides a sense of security, belonging and community, which not only improves well-being, but also bolsters life expectancy.

Did you know that recent studies indicate that there’s an 18% reduction in mortality for people with a strong spiritual life? There are many cases where people were able to solve their problems and get better. For instance, a family with a member struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts might benefit from support from other people which gives them hope.

There are people who have changed their bad habits after attending church. Spirituality is not just a coping mechanism, but it’s allows people to re-balance their lives and become better.

When people are able to look out for each other and build each other up, the society becomes a better place.  It allows people to make the right choices, change their ways and stay away from bad habits such as violence or committing crimes.

Builds Positivity

A spiritually strong family knows the value of forgiveness. This also includes letting go of all blame and negativity from their lives. Imagine living in a society where people have a positive mind set.

Positivity brings harmony in a society because people are quick to forgive and let go of all feelings of hurt and anger. As a result, there is a peaceful co-existence which builds a strong and united society.

Spiritually strong families use their spirituality to support and mentor each other, and also to nurture good behavior and positive attitudes. This has an effect on the society they are in and largely influences the interaction of different people.