How Important Is Deliverance In Christianity?


deliverance castChristians believe that deliverance is being freed from spiritual barriers and bondages. There are anointed members of the church that are usually in charge of deliverance in churches.

Christians believe deliverance to be an important process in Christianity that sanitizes your spiritual life and believes. In this article, we are going to look at some of the reasons why deliverance is of much importance to Christians.

Deliverance is Seen to be an Essential Process in Christianity

This is done to ensure that Christians are completely free from satanic bonds that allow Christians to commit evils. The demonic bonds are said to hold the Christians back from doing what is right before God. The devil is known to dwell among Christians and without deliverance, Christians can be led astray by the devil.

According to Christians, the devil torments the undelivered Christians. However, after deliverance, these strong bonds are destroyed and the Christians are set free.

Deliverance Helps to Rebuild Your Relationship with God

Deliverance helps in rebuilding of the inner soul with the word of God. It brings Christians close to God by removing the evil barriers that often widen the distance between them and God. By accepting deliverance, the inner soul is rebuild in such a way that one cannot fall to the temptation of committing evil. Deliverance ensures that the Christians faith in God is strong enough to withstand any evil attempts on their lives.

Deliverance Helps Christian Uproot Evil Seeds

According to Christian’s beliefs, deliverance is the only way that can help Christians uproot the evil seed planted by the devil. Evils such as stealing, fornication, and killing among other vices can be eradicated if one accepts deliverance and have a new life. In other words, deliverance gives Christians a new bill of life.

Deliverance Gives Christians Sense of Belonging in Church

Deliverance helps Christians feel that they belong to the church since they have something in common with all the other church members. By accepting deliverance, Christians are able to be identified as one mass that is moving towards the same direction in search and passing of the word of God. Delivered Christians have a common goal and as such they share the joy of being one.

Deliverance is a Sure Way to Get to Heaven

Most Christians believed that there is life after death. In fact, the common goal of Christianity is to live a holy life that will guarantee you a second chance in life after death. It is through deliverance that this kind of life may be achieved. A delivered Christian walks away from evil and as such at the time of his or her death, he or she would have lived a holy life in accordance to the Bible’s teaching.

Christians too believe that there is heaven only for those who believed in the words of God and accepted deliverance. By accepting deliverance, all your sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus and you are bound to live a holistic life free from sin and in the end when you die, you will be able to receive the kingdom of God and live a happy thereafter.

In conclusion, deliverance is an important aspect in every Christian who believes in God and is looking forward to inherit the kingdom of god. Through deliverance, Christians are bon again and start a new life free from sin and evil deeds that may hinder entrance into the kingdom of God. Believe in God today, accept deliverance and experience the change in your life.

What Is The Difference Between Spirituality And Religion?


People often misunderstand the concept of religion and spirituality. Some think of it as the same, while some think of it differently. But they are not.  One thing that you can obviously see the difference between religion and spirituality is that religion focuses more on the teachings and the practices while spirituality focuses more on the beliefs.

Religion can more be identified as something that is done in a group setting. It is more effective and visible during communal practice, an application and interpretation of the belief and the worship. You can see religion more in different churches, as churches do have different structures within them, some have a leadership structure within them, just like most of the Christian churches now.

Spirituality deals more with the personal aspect of the soul and the spirit. In spirituality, you understand and talk more about things deeply. Because spirituality has no rules, it is based on you and who you worship. Spirituality is all about you having all the experience, just like everyone else experiencing different illuminations and revelations.

religion and spirituality

Religion makes you follow rules and regulations, while in spirituality, you are as free as a bird. They show you situations and will give you the different consequences that will happen if you will not follow. Which is totally opposite from spirituality, as spirituality will be done by yourself only.

It will tell you and will teach you on how to be brave, on you will act not on fear, but will act on love. Spirituality will show you how to control the fear around you, while religion will keep on showing you fear.

One thing that really separated religion and spirituality above everything else is that religion will make you be separated from other religions. Because of it showing you the different dos and don’ts. Aside from that, it will make you dependent on something or someone else and will not teach you to be alone.

Spirituality unites all those separations that are caused by religion. Since spirituality will show you the truth, and not make you believe the truth, people will discover soon enough that there is only one truth. And that is how spirituality will unite all.

However, do not let these confuse you. If you truly believe in something or someone that is right, then do so. Respect other religions and beliefs. Learn more about spirituality so that you will not have misconceptions regarding this topic.

Nathan Stanton, Pastor

Nathan Stanton, PastorNathan Stanton has been pastor of the Anthony United Methodist Church since July 2003. He is married to Brenda and they have two sons, Noah (4) and Isaac (1). A native Kansan, Reverend Stanton was ordained a full deacon in the United Methodist Church in 1999. In 2004, he was ordained an elder in the United Methodist Church switching from full deacon.

Before coming to Anthony, he served the Plains and Kismet United Methodist Churches in 2002-2003 and was an associate pastor for the Saint Mark United Methodist Church, Wichita, Kansas from 1999-2002. Reverend Stanton served as a youth worker at First United Methodist Church, El Dorado, Kansas from 1992-1994.

He served as Prevention Services Coordinator for the Regional Prevention Center of North Central Kansas in Salina, Kansas until 1997. While working toward a master’s in speech he was a graduate instructor for the Speech Department at Kansas State and assisted with the Stephen Ministry Program at First United Methodist Church, Manhattan, Kansas.

Reverend Stanton’s education includes a B.A. from Kansas Wesleyan University, Salina, Kansas, Master of Divinty from St. Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, Missouri and a M.A. from Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas. He currently serves as Chairperson for the Kansas West Conference Nominating Committee and is the Conference Secretary for the General Board of Global Ministries. In the past, he has served on the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry. Reverend Stanton will be commissioned in the Army National Guard as a chaplain this coming year.

Our History

Our HistoryThe United Methodist Church of Anthony had its inception in the fall of 1878 soon after the organization of the City of Anthony. A group of citizens met at the home of J. B. Lee, the Civil Engineer, to organize a Sunday school, under the leadership of W. M. Mock. In an excerpt from St. Gray’s report as Secretary, we find these words:
“That we might be permitted to enjoy the same blessings from our Savior here as we enjoyed in our prairie homes in our former distant abodes elsewhere”.
The first services were held in a store building on Main Street. Church meetings were held in the old Court House and in a new school building where the Washington School now stands. In the fall of 1882, work was begun on a church edifice on the present site, land being donated to the Trustees by the Anthony Town Company. The building was completed at a cost of $2,500.00 and was dedicated in 1883, with Rev. J. W. Anderson as pastor.
In 1961, the need for a new educational building was discussed and plans were submitted. The Laying of the Corner Stone Service was held on August 30, 1964. On February 14, 1965, the formal opening of the new educational building, Fellowship Hall, Ruth Hoath Chapel, and the church offices was held with Rev. Fleenor presiding.


What We Believe

What Methodists Believe

It would be impossible to even begin to answer every question in a short space, but briefly, some of our common and distinct beliefs are:

  • We are a church of Jesus Christ.
  • We believe in the trinity God: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • We believe that the Bible is the source of all that is “necessary” and “sufficient” unto salvation and “is to be received through the Holy Spirit as the true rule and guide for faith and practice.”
  • We believe that faith and faith alone in Jesus Christ is sufficient for salvation, and that faith should manifest itself in works and service to others.
  • We believe that through the power of the Holy Spirit people can and do change.
  • We believe Christ has ordained as sacraments, Baptism and Holy Communion. 

Our Social Creed

What We BelieveWe believe in God, Creator of the world; and in Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of creation. We believe in the Holy Spirit, through whom we acknowledge God’s gifts, and we repent of our sin in misusing these gifts to idolatrous ends.
We affirm the natural world as God’s handiwork and dedicate ourselves to its preservation, enhancement, and faithful use by humankind.

We joyfully receive for ourselves and others the blessings of community, sexuality, marriage, and the family.
We commit ourselves to the rights of men, women, children, youth, young adults, the aging, and people with disabilities; to improvement of the quality of life; and to the rights and dignity of racial, ethnic, and religious minorities.

We believe in the right and duty of persons to work for the glory of God and the good of themselves and others and in the protection of their welfare in so doing; in the rights to property as a trust from God, collective bargaining, and responsible consumption; and in the elimination of economic and social distress.

We dedicate ourselves to peace throughout the world, to the rule of justice and law among nations, and to individual freedom for all people of the world.

We believe in the present and final triumph of God’s Word in human affairs and gladly accept our commission to manifest the life of the gospel in the world. Amen.

It is recommended that this statement of Social Principles be continually available to United Methodist Christians and that it be emphasized regularly in every congregation. It is further recommended that “Our Social Creed” be frequently used in Sunday worship.